Nina B

I wanted to end the month of music with someone I’ve known since I was just in elementary school. Ever since I can remember she’s been doing music. She’s never let “no” stop her and she straight grinds to make her dreams come true. A true definition of “never give up”! This last artist, comes straight out of Murfreesboro, Tn. Nina B has been making impacts in the music industry and is definitely one to watch out for. 

First, I know you by a different name, but I’ve had the pleasure of knowing you since I was just my brother’s annoying little sister -ha!- how did the name Nina B come to be?

Ha! Yes I remember those days, but you weren’t too annoying (just kidding!). But you know that’s a great question. When I first started rapping I used to freestyle and I had a fierce attitude when I spit. One of the older guys that hung around used to call me Nina bc he said I popped off at any given moment and won’t jam under pressure. (Just to clarify, a “Nina” is slang for a 9mm handgun) Honestly, it stuck with me thru my little “rap battles” so I decided to keep the name. The “B” can turn into plenty of meanings but we’ll keep it at Nina lol. 

Ok , that makes sense now! I never knew that. So, you’ve been in the music game for a long time, you’ve done a little bit of everything, but you always come back to being an artist. You have this enormous passion for music. What’s the one thing you love about music?

Wow, I can’t even put that into words! Music is a huge part of my life. I take to music to release any type of emotion towards any situation. I really think that music to me is very therapeutic and that’s the most important aspect of music in my opinion. That and the overall message of a song is key. 

Yes! Music has definitely lost its message to me now its all about being hot for now. Especially,with being a female artist. Speaking of being a female artist, what would you like to see change in that field of the music industry? 

Sis, I don’t think we have enough time in this interview to get my full take on this issue, but I’ll do my best to paraphrase. Honestly, I think that the issue with all females breaking into the industry is the overwhelming need to objectify the woman and the inability for men to value the likes of a woman. Along with a lack of serious artists; not these women who just want to be put out to get on. Period. What I mean is that this need to push the whole “sex sells” agenda is enabling us from our talents. Damn near every female rapper that comes out of the woodworks is nothing more than carbon copy. Either she’s trying to be Nicki [Minaj] or she’s just rapping about what’s in between her thighs rather than between her temples. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Bad Bi** anthem, but let’s be real with ourselves for once in a while. Put it this way, name one female rapper (besides Lauryn Hill) who at some point in her career didn’t have to be sexy in some type of way in order to keep themselves relevant? 


That’s a tough one unless I can name Queen Latifa or Erikah Badu –that’s a stretch huh?-Being a female artist is already an up hill battle, its such a hard industry to break into, from your experience why do you think that is?

Well, as far as my experience, I think that it really depends on the way that you try and break into the industry. You really have to find a lane and stick to it. This is a male dominated industry so when you’re trying to break into a rap industry that feeds off objectifying women, You can’t be too hard and intimidate the guys, but you also don’t want to put yourself in a box and only rap about what every other female rapper is [rapping about]. So to put it simply, it will be easier for us to break into the industry when we are comfortable enough to accept that we don’t have to fit in with the norm. 


Ooh I like that. A lot of people don’t go in with a plan or mission, like Minaj or Latifa did. What can we look forward to seeing from you in the future?

I actually have a lot planned for the upcoming months and next year. Of course, a lot more music to come with some unexpected featured artists, and also I’m working on some visuals to put a face with the name. I’ve actually ventured out more into the entertainment field and I am working to get my label, Mizfit Muzik, up and running full force. What I’m super excited about is my clothing line, Trillions Supply Co, will be launching this summer/fall season, so definitely put a bolo (be on the look out) on that! 

Oh wow ok, you want your hands in everything possible, I love it! Speaking of labels and putting a face to a name, when can we expect new music, and where can we get your music?

You can expect some new music dropping from me this summer. I’m currently working on a project entitled F.A.M.E that is set to drop this summer as well. I have a single called “Supa Chronic” which is available now via Souncloud along with a group project I did with my team T$MG called “Track Meet” which is on Souncloud too. I already have my sights set on dropping my debut EP which I’ll give you more on as it develops. Until then check out some of my music at and

I ask the same question to everyone in my interviews, I’m such a big supporter of following your dreams no matter what, I think following your passion and purpose is one of the hardest, but most rewarding things you can do, what advice would you give to people who are struggling to find follow their dreams?

I would definitely tell other artists to stay true to themselves no matter what. As long as you make the music YOU want to make and hone your craft you will go far. Don’t get caught up in what you think people want to hear and just make music. These days everyone wants to make music so you have to find a way to reinvent your craft in order to stand out. Also, make sure you understand and know the music business. With that being said, I encourage all artists who are serious about their craft just stay focused on turning your dream into a reality. Success is a mindset and I’m the first one to know that life sometimes does set in at the wrong moment and makes it hard to create, but as long as you stay productive and keep your faith everything else will fall into place.


And fall in to place it will! Huge thank you to NinaB for allowing me the pleasure to interview her! As you read she has big things coming soon so make sure to check her out!

Until Next Time Guys!


Skyler Harris

Now for a change of pace, coming from Memphis, Tn, Skyler Harris has been giving us chills with her smooth and silky voice. With covers like Kiss it better, to original work like ‘In your Arms’ to remakes when Beyonce suddenly moves a concert- don’t mess with the beehive, bey- Skyler proves she got what it takes, to take this music industry by storm. I had to take the opportunity to get to know the woman behind the voice.


First let me say you have an amazingly beautiful voice! I’m sure you’ve heard that a lot, how long have you been singing and when did you start to get serious with it?

Awww, Thanks! I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember, (as cliché as that sounds!) I wrote my very first song, ‘Crush on You (Baby Don’t You Know?)’ when I was in the second grade— and yes, I still remember every word! Recently, I decided to really invest in myself and in my music. I’m always telling other people, other women especially, “invest in yourself, girl!” Now, I’m finally doing it for myself.

You have to take you own advice! You have a big vocal range! With a voice like that who are your musical influences?

Oh my God! Everybody!!! Jazmine Sullivan, definitely though, just because her voice is incredibly raw and she could sing the alphabet and by the time she got to L-M-N, I’d be crying! As far as my songwriting influences, Babyface— He has the ability to write from ANY perspective and create timeless works of art every single time!

I’m glad you said it, your voice outs me in the mind set of Jasmine Sullivan with the runs and range that you have. You do a lot of covers, recently we’ve gotten to hear some original work, is this something you plan to do full time? Where do you see yourself in the music industry?

Every now and then, I hear a song that I absolutely love and that has more emotion than I think the production allows. I love taking songs that you usually dance to or blast without really hearing the words and slowing them down and bringing those words out— sometimes even changing the lyrics to better fit my story, as I did with Rihanna’s “Higher”. For me, it’s always about feelings. The same goes for my original music. I want you to feel something when you hear my songs. What I would like to do as far as the industry goes, is write songs. Not just sending in demos and reference tracks for someone to make a carbon copy of—but really sitting down with an artist and finding out where they are emotionally, what they want the world to hear, coming up with music and a sound based on that!

I like that interaction, you really get a sense of who the person is and what they are actually trying to achieve with their music. I feel like that art has been lost, but real singers are slowly making a comeback in the music industry, which is something I’m all here for! i love me a good ballad, I feel like its been missing for far too long. What would you like to see change within the music industry?

I’d like to see the music at the forefront. There are so many artists whose songs I’ve never heard, but I can tell you who they dated, where they shop, [and] who they are beefing with, all because of  the blogs they’ve been featured in. So many amazing artists are completely unknown because they don’t have a reality show or some type of scandal keeping them in our minds!

Took the words right out of my mouth! We need to get back to letting the music do the talking. You mentioned earlier that you’re always telling girls “invest in yourself girl”, which I think is so important because so often we are told what to do and these expectations are already set and sometimes our dreams and passions can be lost in trying to rise to the expectation. What advice would you give to people who are struggling to follow their dreams and passions?

Don’t think about the recognition. Your gift will always make room for you!! Whether 5 or 500 people hear you, see you, hear about you— just ensure that whatever you’re putting out is an authentic version of yourself! I struggled so hard thinking that I had to sing about what people wanted to hear, but I later realized that my heart wasn’t in it— and although people were paying attention, they weren’t being moved because I forgot that giving myself was the most important.

Can i get an Amen! I loved that, so many people struggle with thinking they have to be this perfect, unreal, or enhanced version of themselves and forget that nobody is really that way. In fact those that make the waves and are are remembered for the work were those that were themselves authentically. So for those that don’t know – and if you don’t you should by now!-Where can we hear your music and when can we expect new music?

I’ve mostly been focusing on pitching songs, but I have decided to release an EP this summer so definitely be on the lookout for that! Until then, you can expect more covers of some of your favorite songs on facebook, youtube, and my sound cloud.


I will keep my eye on that. Im looking forward to a certain Jasmine Sullivan cover *achem*. Thank you to Skyler Harris for taking the time out to do this interview! You can find her music and new single on Youtube at or on sound cloud at or her website at Also follow her on IG-@Reaching4Sky

Until next time guys!



Next up, is an up and coming artist VeeVerse hailing from Murfreesboro, TN. With more than 10 years as a rap artist, VeeVerse is prepared to take the hip-hop game by storm. With singles like ‘Addicted’ and upcoming Mixtape ‘Worth A Verse’ VeeVerse is proving to be on a mission to change the rap game.

Your rap name is VeeVerse, how did you come up with that name?

-Yes I go by VeeVerse. A long time ago I went by Young Vee. Clearly, as I got older that name wasn’t the best fit for me so I changed it. As most know my nickname is Vee, most people call me that, and I’ve written so many verses for songs I’ve never even put it out over the years. So I just joined Vee and Verse together and that’s how I came up with my name. 

I’ve known you since high school -long time- I’m sure it shocked people outside your inner circle to see you take music so seriously, what made you take that step and pursue your passion?

 –Music has been a big part of my life, from 1st grade doing talent shows to 3rd grade listening to Master Ps “Make Em Say Uh” almost every single time my grandmother dropped me off for school. I know she got tired of me requesting it every morning, but Football was really my first true love. When I got older football became far from the reality of having any type of career, and that’s when I actually knew and started realizing I really wanted to take music seriously, because throughout the years I was doing it on and off for a hobby and not making it a real priority.



I’ve heard mostly up-tempo songs from you like ‘Addicted’, I’m an R&B girl myself, are we going to get to see a softer side to VeeVerse?

Yeah I’ve had a couple of upbeat songs. I’ve done 1 or 2 slow songs in the past. People won’t believe me when I say this. I listen to more R&B then I do rap, but to answer your question, yes, you’ll see a lot of slow tempo songs from me in the upcoming months and one on my upcoming mixtape.


Now, that I will be keeping my ears out for. What/who inspires you to do music and who are your musical influences?

Not to sound cocky or anything, more so confident, but the fact that I know I have the talent for music and I can be successful in the music world is what inspires me. When no one sees you as an artist or don’t see you making it far with music, [it] drives and inspires me to do this. As far as music influences, I have a lot, but I will just name a few starting with Old School. I would have to say Tupac, NWA, and LL Cool J just to name a few. With New School I would have to say Andre 3000, J Cole, and Lil Wayne.


img_4827You mentioned Old School and you know I love some nostalgia. The music industry is constantly changing, certain artist are bringing the work of music –ART- back and breaking the trendiness of music, which I’m all here for, what is something you want to change or are hoping to see change within the music industry?

-Yes the music industry is steady changing, and in my opinion more so for the bad, as far as the Rap and Hip-Hop scene. There are a handful of solid real artist out there. I understand you have to sell music, but you rarely hear  people who are actually rapping these days and not just saying any and everything. All you hear is trendy music and that’s it. Don’t get me wrong, I find myself rapping to it sometimes, that doesn’t mean I want to be that type of artist. Most people don’t want to hear the real artist out here who actually take time with [their] music to write a solid verse that actually means something. We don’t really have that these days, and I would love to see it go back to that way. This trendy music has brainwashed most people and for some that’s all they know, basically saying it has dumbed down the art of hip-hop, and I would love it to change and get back to the old days where words actually mattered in a verse. 

Yes! When the lyrics had meaning! Every Artist has that one song that has some kind of meaning to them. What is the song you love to perform or written?

-The best song I’ve written was a cover to J Cole’s “Grew Up Fast” and that’s the song I love to perform as well. Every word in that song has meaning to it. The day I wrote this song, my hand with the pen was just going full speed on the pad. It felt. I didn’t have to think of anything my hand just thought for me cause I couldn’t stop.


I’m a huge promoter of following your dreams and passion. I believe if you’re not doing something you love, then you’re not living and you’re not growing. What advice would you give to those struggling to take that step to following their dreams?

-The advice I would give to people following their dreams would be to never give up, stay focus, sacrifice; this is your life you only have one to go all out. People will doubt you and try to make you feel like you can’t accomplish your dreams, but don’t do it for them, do it because it’s your dream, not theirs and only you can let someone stop you from following your dreams. The day you give up will be the day you’ve failed yourself.

And we are NOT failures! Lastly, for those who aren’t familiar with your work, where can they listen to your music and when can we expect new music?

-The people who haven’t heard my music [you] can go to my soundcloud, and listen to my old songs as well as two new ones I released just for fun. You can also go on ITunes, iHeartRadio, Rhapsody, Google Music, all other media outlets and search VeeVerse and my latest track “Addicted”. I have a new mixtape releasing early May entitled “Worth A Verse” it will be available for download  on Datpiff and Spinrilla. 



It was an honor to interview someone I have known and watch grow into someone who knows what he wants from life and is not stopping until he gets it. I can’t wait to hear the music you have in store! Huge thank you to VeeVerse, always a pleasure! Be on the look out for his upcoming mixtape ‘Worth a Verse’.

Until next time guys!