You did what?!?!

Been gone for a min. now I’m back with the jump off!


Whats up guys! Did you miss me? Don’t all answer at once! If you follow me on IG-Lilsisveebspot or FB-vlbrown2- then you know I did a social experiment and completely removed myself from ALL most social media. I know you guys are wondering, “LilSis why did you leave social media?” Well I wanted to detox from it. I would spend HOURS flipping between the same 3 apps and before I knew it my life had passed by while I was watching/reading everyone else’s life.  I realized that I was becoming addicted to social media. My phone was always in my hand and I was no longer present in the moment. Ironically, I wrote a blog about the downside to social media where I shamed people for doing this- see how God humbles you?- I took approximately 3 and a half weeks away from social media, nothing too crucial- but it felt like a freaking lifetime!- I knew it was going to be hard or feel weird. What I was not prepared for were these 5 things.

Now lets get to what really went down …

  1. Clueless to social events and current news.

im-too-busy-to-tell-people-how-oBDI don’t have cable- i’m NEVER home, I work 7 days  a week (i’ve been told I do a lot, but I always feel like I can do more shrugs) so I often look to FB or The Shaderoom on IG to keep current on the latest. Without those two thing I was left to CNN in the break room reporting on Trump’s speeches-needless to say lunch was a dragggggg and my least favorite part of the day-be it as it may at least I was able to keep up with this year’s dreadful presidential election progress.




  1. The struggle was real.

facebook-twitter-tumblr-instagram-aziz-tomI’m not going to lie, it was hard as heck not to look at my phone. Especially in the morning that’s how I would wake myself up. Instead, I decided to listen to music- which I very much enjoy now- But the first couple of days I cheated. It was harder than I thought to go cold turkey. Ironically, the one app I wanted to detox the most from was the one I found my self wanting to look at the most; Facebook. I was ready to get to leave those ignorant opinions alone and rid it of my life. – or so I thought.- Then I decided if I was going to keep my sanity, I had to look at something.  So I decided that I would stay on Snapchat. Since the stories delete after 24 hours, I would watch them once, just once, a day and that was it to keep me in the know.


  1. More time to do more.

tumblr_mc4dih8UIc1qb4mxmo1_r1_500Like I was saying before, I work 7 days a week and 2 of those days are 12 hour shifts, I also write blogs/videos, take acting classes AND I’m a signed active actress/model so, how could I possible fit more into my schedule?! I’ll tell you how. with what free time I had, I used to spend hours switching between the same 3 apps-IG, FB, snapchat- naturally you cut out those and now I had nothing but time. Before I felt like I didn’t have time to do daily simple task, suddenly I found myself twiddling my thumbs from having too much time. So I was able to plan, organize and execute my plans.  I was able to better focus on things I wanted to do and goals I wanted to complete. Which was a good thing because I had just started with a new company and I needed time to adjust.


  1. Isolation

lookupYou are truly a ghost and forgotten about if you are not on social media. I have a few close friends, which are really all that matter. But it just brought awareness that if you  are not constantly updating your life, the world really does go on without you. Not that I would expect anything else, but it’s eerie to know that you are pretty much forgotten about.  You’re busy keeping up with other people, who probably don’t keep up with you. –Unless you have some sort of scandal going on, folks love a good cup of tea.-


5. Observing

downloadWhile I was unable to use social media. It really made me notice the world and things that were going on in it. I could tell when I was talking on the phone if someone was busy looking at their social media-I wont call you out boo, but you know who you are!- it really made me aware of how people were constantly on their phone. Most of the people that were driving like idiots were on their phone. I would be grocery shopping and half the store was walking around with their head down. Technology is obviously a huge huge part of the world, but we are more interested in staying connected that we aren’t connected.-get it?


CHmOQucUkAAofinWhen I came back from my hiatus, ironically I wasn’t as interested in social media as much. IG let me down when hey took away chronological order and stole snap stories- i follow wayyy too many people for that, ill stay with Snapchat thanks! is it too much to ask for just chronological order back???- I’m still active on Facebook-those damn dog videos!- and of course I’m on snapchat, but I’m not very active-i work too much, ya’ll wouldn’t want to see that all the time, hell i barley want to see it *
insert crying emoji*-


I realize the blogs are looking a like far and few inbetween, I usually upload every Monday, however I may move it to Tuesdays. Still have some awesome content coming for you guys, some big things in the works so stay tuned!