Do what makes you uncomfortable now, to get where you want to be.

nWe have this big misconception that success doesn’t come without putting in some serious work. Take for instance a feature film. We are used to going to the movies and seeing this work of images put together but never question the years of work put into it. We see the trailer and months later sometimes weeks we get the film.
Making a murder was by far one of the single most interesting and most talk about documentaries. It took 10 years to make. 10 YEARS! I was 16 when they even began the concept. – Let’s just take a minute to reflect on that… I was just starting high school mmmkay.

Are we so used to getting things so quickly we don’t want to put in the work to obtain it? We are such a microwave society that we have found a way to “bake” a cupcake in a cup in the microwave rather than take the time to bake it in the oven.
mWe are so used to seeing these “overnight” successes in the media. These viral videos and reality TV hit it big, and now we have this idea that we are supposed to have it all figured out in our 20’s and on our way to retirement by 30.

In reality, that is just not the way things work. This concept leaves those who don’t have it figure out, those who are doing their due diligence to society, and those who are locked in to a major they care nothing about, feeling like they are the late bloomers in life. Like they are not doing something right and are wasting away their life. Sure if you want instant gratification then go right ahead and sell your soul, but to truly be successful it takes time.

l-296164Slow downnnnnnnn. Take a breath smell the roses. Life is a journey, not a race. And the biggest way to miss out on it is to start comparing your life to someone else-I know I have to remind myself that their journey is not my journey. –

Sometimes our journey requires doing things we don’t want to do or never saw ourself doing in order to get where we want to be. Some of us figure it out quicker than others, most of us get delayed, but we get  there. Just make sure it’s what you want. Don’t get there and hate every minute of it. life is way too short to do something you hate for a long time. Misery is not supposed to last always. -at least who wants it to?

485e81ab3feccbc4164a49cf967392eaSome days while I sit at the desk of one of my jobs- its levels to this- I sometimes have to figure up how much my check will be to remind myself of why i am even doing this in the first place. i have to keep visuals and daily reminders of the end goal in mind so that i don’t get too comfortable and complacent.

We all want to be successful. I want a full career of success. Success, longevity success, is hard work. Jim Carey, Denzel Washington, Steve Jobs, P.Diddy, Beyoncé, Dj Khaled, Jennifer Lopez etc… All those careers took time, dedication, and hard work. – Much like marriage everybody wants the happily ever after, but nobody wants the commitment to work towards it-
failingNobody wants to fail, however, failing is apart of learning. Learning what works, what needs to be tweaked, and what never to do again. So enjoy your failures. Learn from them and continue to grow and go. You only truly fail if you quit. Set backs spring you forward.

So lets take the time to enjoy this journey. Like i said before its not a race. We all have different destinations. Take the time to really build. put in the hard work and long hours now and remind yourself that all this will be worth it. Anything worth having is worth working for.

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