Music Feeds the Soul

So here in Tennessee, specifically Memphis, they have Memphis in May. They host a lot of musical events and the best thing ever; Barbecue. I wanted to keep with that theme, minus the barbecue and talk about something that is able to reach all ages, all cultures, all races; Music.

stevieThe melody, the harmony, the base line, the lyrics, the creativity; Ever since my ears could listen, I’ve been in love with music. When I was little, I would lock myself inside my room and sing on end at the top of my lungs to Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men, Britney Spears, Christiana Aguilera, Anita Baker, Monica, Destny’s Child, Michael and Janet Jackson, Debarge, and Prince-Just to name a few. – Now I have my own place and God bless my neighbor’s ears ha! – I sing when I talk, I sing in the shower, I sing in my car, I sing at work –God bless my coworkers ears, I sing in the dressing room, I sing when I cook, I sing when I clean; the point is I love to sing.

UnknownI really began to fall in love with music when it evoked emotions that I had not yet felt. I knew heartbreak before I actually went through it, but music was there to pull me out when the time came. When I hear a song – like one of me and my moms favorite Stevie Wonder songs, all I do- I instantly think back to the time when we were sitting around my grandmother’s kitchen table and we sang it to each other while all our family looked at us as if they wertumblr_m983wdMPmT1rcrp0yo1_500e left out of some sort of inside joke we shared or when Earth, Wind and Fire- Boogie Wonderland comes on i instantly change it because it reminds me of someone i lost.  Music has be
en a soundtrack to my life. Music has always been that “perfect verse over a tight beat”.
No Genre is safe from me. I literally will listen to anything. I’m the annoying passenger that knows every song that comes on the radio no matter what station you turn it to. No era
itumblr_n4nkyyF4891tyhvs4o1_500s safe. 9 times out of 10 if you are anywhere near me, I’m most likely listening to something way older than I am. I’m not a trendy music listener. I enjoy works of art. A collection of music that can ell a story. Make me feel the very emotion that person experienced. Something I feel is lost from this generation. – With the exception of
eyoncé’s album –Lemonade. When I say it was something missing from the nostalgic world of music and she completely came in and filled killed that void. Blog coming soon on that- we don’t get that anymore. When the album had an intro and outro, various speaking scripts in between the songs, and when videos had actual choreography, shoot when a video actually prepared you for the music to be release and all you had was the video- am I showing my age? Lol-

I even went, as far as to learn to play the saxophone- I was first chair too- I wish I had picked up the piano or the guitar- bucket list goals-

e4a17e1f968485c41647ac83ecb6ab64The thing I love most about music; it gets you through life. Heartbreak, love, family, lost ones, celebrations, depression, and moments of pure joy; music is right there. It has the ability to transcend hate, race and culture. The very things that make us uniquely different, music has the ability to unite.

I wanted to take this month to show my deep love for music.- plus y’all know I love a good theme!- I took this opportunity to put a spotlight on local artist and showcase blogs about those who have influenced me- and I’m sure many others. I really wanted to take this opportunity to see what actual artist thought about  and their views on the industry.

I’m all about interaction; so don’t be afraid to comment on each and every post! Lets kick off with this, what is the reason you love music?





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