image When I write my blogs I speak my truth. At the end of it all we just want to be in our truth and accepted. The problem with this concept is not every one will accept or understand your truth. I can only speak on my experiences and what I’ve learned from them and hope that someone reads them and sees a different perspective or knows that someone out there went through the same thing and they are not alone. I never write to be malicious or petty, if that’s what you take away from my blog, then the problem is the reader- sorry to be so blunt-.

When you read my blogs, I want you to open your mind. Not everything is black, not everything is white; it’s a contrast of shades in-between. I wan
t to strike a positive conversation. With social media being as popular as it is and people giving their negative opinions, I want a place where we can have a positive conversation. Spark inspiration, not negativity.

tumblr_miwal6Pjoy1qfpilno1_500I say this because before, I got my toes wet to see what the response would be. Some people took it wayyyy to serious. Others gave me positive feedback. I got a little discouraged just from the sensitive people’s feedback I got, but it goes back to I’m not doing this for you. This is for me. This is the space I come to, to sip my tea and live my truth. This is the space that I come to, to let it all out. This is the space I come to, to share my life experiences. And during all that, in the process I’m hoping you laugh, you cry, you sympathize, you learn, you get your life and sip your tea. Not everybody is going to do that, I understand. People who know the specific experience may feel like I’m talking to them or about them and take it personally –don’t flatter yourself boo boo simmer down, this is not about you!

Going forward it’s going to get a lot more personal. I’ve withheld talking about a lot simply because I wasn’t doing it for me. So I hope you guys are ready for this wonderful ride we are about to take in this New Year!

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If She Can Do It So Can You!

blogger-image--1855631577To bring this topic of discovering your purpose and following your dreams to a close, I thought it would be great to hear from someone who did just that! I reached out to Samantha W. who just recently launched her own line Pretty Curvie last week. She so graciously did an interview with me. I wanted to really find out, what gave her the courage to start and launch her clothing line. So lets get right into it:
When did you discover what it was that you wanted to do and how did you put it into action?

High school was really when I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in fashion after being apart of an organization named DECA. I have always been into fashion and knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I knew I wanted to own a clothing company. I would always write my ideas and goals down in a journal.

Writing down your goals is always a great start, write it down and speak it into existence is what I’ve always been told. Your slogan is “Inspire Confidence, Exude Beauty”, which I love by the way- what made you come up with that concept?

My slogan is “Inspire Confidence, Exude Beauty,” because my mission is to inspire women to fall in love with the woman in the mirror. I want women to embrace and be confident in whom they are, no matter their size. We have all seen someone wear something that looks really cute on them but we say to ourselves, “I wish I was confident enough to wear that.” I love to see women that are comfortable in their skin! Confidence it beautiful!

Speaking of courage, I know that from experience sometimes you have to just stop talking about it and do it, no matter the situations that seem to be a deterrent; how long has Pretty Curvie been in the making? And did you ever doubt that it wasn’t going to come to fruition?

Pretty Curvie has been in the making a little over a year. I was working at a warehouse and miserable. I felt as though I was sitting on my talent and wasting my life away. One day as I was walking through aisles at work God gave me “Pretty Curvie.” I didn’t have the money but each day I wrote down my ideas. I had moments where I wasn’t sure if it would actually happen, simply because I didn’t have the money at the time to invest in myself.
I think its great that you never lost sight of where you wanted to take your line; Was your recent move, [to Chicago] a propeller to get you line on its feet?

The funny thing about that question is the answer is no. I moved to Chicago not knowing what to expect. I just knew I wanted something better. It was a HUGE struggle for me to move here, but I felt like that is where God was leading me for this next season. My first week here I was speaking with someone and they were asking me my goals and what I wanted to achieve in life. I presented them with Pretty Curvie and they believed in me enough to invest in me. I had faith that God had a plan but I had no idea within a week of being in Chicago I would be starting a business.
God works in mysterious ways! So many of us struggle with the confidence to step out on our own; What advice would you give to someone who is struggling with self-insecurities to help them be more confident?

The advice I would give to someone who is struggling with self-insecurities is to stop worrying what people say about you. As long as you have breath in your body, you will be talked about. Fall in love with yourself. Focus on what you love about yourself and not the negative. Don’t look to society to validate you. I feel like we get so caught up on what we see on social media and television and majority of it is fake.
That’s awesome advice especially with social media being as big as it is. It can actually be both harmful and helpful; what advice would you give young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams?

The advice I would give to young entrepreneurs is to go for it and do not give up. Even if you do not have the money, keep a journal and plan as if you do. You never know how or who God will use to bless you.


There you have it folks. HUGE congratulations to Samantha on her launch of Pretty Curvie. It is now live, so head over to www. PrettyCurvie.com! Also, follow them on Instagram and catch the latest products before they hit @PRETTYCURVIE. Thank you again Samantha for doing this interview! I hope your words will empower someone to go after that dream they have in their head and make it a reality. Whatever happens guys, believe in yourself and stay true to you! Whatever is for you will never miss you! Until next time…

What’s Stopping You?

8-1-1One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone continually talks about something that they want to do, and never puts any actions into it. They could have the most amazing idea, but you’ll never know it because they don’t get the idea into actions. As my grandmother would say, “either shit or get off the pot”.

thomas-edison-quotes-on-failure-11A coworker told me a story about Thomas Edison and how when he was little his teacher sent him home with a note and told him not to open it to give it directly to his mother. Once his mother got the note she began to read it and cry. Edison asked his mother what the note said, and she told him that it said he was a genius and that they weren’t equipped to teach him. Years later after Edison had gone on to invent life-changing things, his mother passed. While going through her stuff, he found the note from his teacher and read it. The note actually read that he was retarded and that the school wasn’t equipped to teach him. This story, holds the saying true you are what you believe you are, or what you’re told you are. Thinking and perception is a huge influencer. If you think it long enough you will begin to believe it.

vYO8SocMoreover, one of my favorite inspirational speeches is by Jim Carrey. He spoke at a college graduation talking about following your dreams. –Jim Carrey & Morgan Freeman have unbelievable stories about success by the way, if you’re feeling like you’re never going to make it google them and read their bio extremely inspiring- In his speech, he talked about how his father wanted to be a comedian, but was to afraid he was going to fail and went with what he thought was a sure thing and became an accountant. His father later got fired as an accountant the family landed on hard times. Carrey said that this taught him you might as well do what you love because even you can fail at the sure thing. Until I heard that speech, I never looked at it like that, quite frankly I don’t think anybody does.
97ae11eae5153a76a2f4e2172997bd97The book I’m reading right now -and highly recommend- is Joel Osteen “You Can You Will”. In the book, he talks about how many people give up on their dreams because they lose sight of what it is they are reaching for. Osteen states that you must keep something in your eyesight that will remind you to focus and remind you of what you’re working toward. So, if you want a new house, keep a key on your ring chain or a picture of your dream house on your desk. Set something out to keep your eye on the prize.
More important than anything, you have to believe in yourself! I usually don’t believe people when they say they have no idea what they want to do in life. I believe that they are scared to do it! Now if your not totally sure right some stuff down that you enjoy and cross it off until you figure it out. Thinking about it can only take you so far, you have to put in some action and set it into motion!!

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You Have To Do It For You!

blogger-image-600708143I’m a firm believer in if you do what you love success will come. It may not be within a week/month/year, trust it will take time. You will have to work hard! But if it’s something your very passionate about, it won’t seem like work at all.Find what you love to do and do that. I would rather be broke and doing what I love to do than miserable and making somebody else rich in the process.

If you can’t stop thinking about it; DO IT! I had dreams when I was younger. I was very passionate about certain things. Somewhere along the way I felt like my dreams weren’t valid. My dreams were too big to reach. I would constantly talk myself out of those dreams “like girl tone it down”. I think this was because I didn’t see anyone else reaching for these dreams. At a young age, I was preached at to go to school, get good grades, and get a good job. That was the path that was said to me so much; I kind of lost sight of what it was I really wanted to do and began to adopt that view. I think this is mainly why I am taking so long to finish school –lol- because I know that it’s not what I am passionate about. It wasn’t that I couldn’t do the work, I just didn’t want to. I felt like it was a waste of time.- I’m going to finish thoughblogger-image-1530819145

It wasn’t until I lost my financial aid did I really began to think about what I wanted to do in life. When making this decision I had to realize I couldn’t do this for anyone, but myself. I thought about all the things I loved to do, like hobbies or things I would love to do. This took some soul searching. I didn’t really get to explore a lot of things I liked when I was younger due to time or money. I come from a single parent household. My mother didn’t always have time to take me to practices due to her work schedule. I was in band in elementary school and danced when I was in middle and high school, but that was as far as it went. If the bus couldn’t take me home, I couldn’t walk, or I couldn’t find a ride, IT WASN’T HAPPENING. So I didn’t really get to explore the things I really wanted to, like gymnastics, volleyball, cheer leading, dance team etc. Now that I am older, it was a bit more challenging to find things I am passionate about. I would be so envious of people who knew without a doubt that they wanted to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or own their own business. I found myself comparing my journey to theirs. Asking myself why can’t I be more like them and what are they doing differently than me?
Now, if you’re religious-like me- this is where God became a huge factor. I was lost and I needed guidance. I began to be very specific in my prayers. This is just what worked for me. Now that I know what I want to do and I have a vision in my head of the “end game and finish line” –let’s be honest it aint over till you’re 6 feet under- I’m killing myself trying to make it happen. I work a full time job, a part time job, and after that I hustle for myself. It’s hard. I’m not going to lie to you, but at the end of the day-I sooo hate that phrase, but it’s fitting here- I know I have to push myself to do better and get to where I want to be. You have to do it for you!AAEAAQAAAAAAAAKSAAAAJDc3MmQzOGJkLTNhNGItNGRiZi05MjkyLWE1MmEwOTIxNjdhMg

Your Journey

As much as we like to say, “I don’t care what people think about me, it don’t matter to me” let’s get to the core of this. We ask for advice, we tell our friends the latest tea and gossip about others, or ourselves, we delve out our deepest fears and biggest dreams; all for validation.
Some of us seek validation. By doing this we put limits upon ourselves. We compare our journey to the next person’s for validation.

2As a 25 year old female I look at people my age or older -sometimes younger- and think “damn like they got their shit together, and I’m just a complete mess” I would sit and envy folks who knew exactly what they wanted to do in life. What I didn’t realize is that I was putting limits upon myself.
Everybody has his or her own path to take in life. My belief is God gave every single person on this earth, his or her own purpose. And every body’s path to their purpose is not the same. My path was meant to be the way it is for a reason. Now we may knock ourselves off said path, BUT what God has for you will never miss you. So you may have delayed your purpose, but you will get there, he promises that.

31For those that don’t know, I’m a reader. I LOVE BOOKS. I love learning. I have a very active imagination. Books can paint a picture for me, which no movie ever could. One book that really helped me to see that my journey to my purpose wasn’t supposed to be compared to another was The Alchemist by Paulo Coehol. -If you haven’t read it GREAT read!

21I say this because we can get so wrapped up in how successful someone else is, that we forget that we are doing better than others too. The same way you are comparing yourself to the next person, there’s someone doing the exact same thing to you. So don’t be so wrapped up in how long the journey, there is beauty in the struggle. What your going through now is only preparing you to fulfill your purpose.

I really want to get deeper into this, so I will break this up into a couple a blogs, so hold on tight shit is definitely about to get REAL!

Until next week…

Flaws and All

flawsDisclaimer– I run a very open honest blog. This is what I consider a no judgment zone blog ( is there even such a thing these day YES!) the subject in this blog is very touchy for me so if you feel like y   our going to judge either exit stage left, or keep your negative opinions to yourself.

As the title suggest, I will be talking about flaws, or what is considered a flaw. In today’s society we put a huge amount of pressure on celebrity’s to look a certain way. In actuality, we put this pressure dfbon everyone, myself included. I find myself taking a million selfies just to get the perfect picture and even that picture gets some editing. Often times when a picture is snapped of me, I hate the outcome. I don’t consider myself ugly-everybody should think of himself or herself as the most beautiful person in the world-but I do believe in bad pictures or angles.

blogger-image-69863838Why do we put this pressure to look a certain way that can often be way different from what we actually look like? Or why are we so embarrassed about what we consider physical flaws that we become obsessed in hiding them? For example, (and I can only speak for myself and what I consider my flaws to be) I have facial hair like nobody’s business – I could probably grow a beard faster than my brother lol- ok its not that bad, but still. It has become such a hindrance (because tweezing the hair leaves behind dark spots) for me that I have become accustomed to different methods to get rid of it. Although I am looking into more permanent solutions, for now before I take a picture I find myself making the perfect pose to hide my scars -which are mostly on my neck-. Or let’s say it’s a body issue, I struggle with my weight, mostly because I’m a stress eater and a bottomless pit around that time of the month -sorry fellas- here lately I’ve gained more weight than usual and although it’s not as bad as I’m making it out to be, I still find myself wearing spanx or a corset to smooth it out. Muffin top is a no-no boo boo
get-your-life-copyWe as women put so much pressure on ourselves and for what? The things we considered imperfect, a man doesn’t even notice. And we as woman are so hard on other women. We will pick each other apart as if we were dipped in gold ourselves. The most beautiful picture on Instagram will have something wrong with it to somebody. So again I ask, why are we killing ourselves for the opinion of another that we will never be perfect for?

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.” Today I say stop being so hard on ones self about the standard of beauty. You set your standard. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So I urge you in this post to spread positivity! Give compliments not criticize. We ladies have it hard enough as it is. So live in your flaws! Let it fly free! ROCK THE HELL OUT THAT SHIT!blogger-image--617808458

Are You Over It?

There’s nothing worse-ok wait there’s a few things worse it can always be worse BUT- a huge pet peeve of mine are people who do not take care of their responsibility! As an adult that is a core principle. That is what being an adult is all about, taking care of responsibility! Now, it’s one thing to be struggling, but when you just flat out IGNORE it that is when I take issue. I say this to give a little insight into the real topic for this blog: Are You Over It?

Have you ever gone through a situation that you knew couldn’t be resolved , or you knew you weren’t going to get closure, or it wasn’t going to work in your favor so you had to let it go and give it to God- or whomever you believe in? Or so you thought yo
u gave it to God, but then when you see the person or the situation presents itself again you find yourself mad all over again? Let’s hit you with an example: let’s say you loaned someone some money and they haven’t paid you back, but give you valid reasons why they can’t pay. So you tell yourseIf to just let it go if they pay they pay, if they don’t they don’t but then you see them out spending money and suddenly you get mad all over again Cues BBHMM- Rhianna

b2206d7cb0954b9d38862d46ba6f5170Or you had an argument with a friend and instead of trying to make it right you just refused to talk to them?
That fact that you get upset shows that you’re clearly not over the situation. So how do you get over a situation that is out of your control that you KNOW is never going to work in your favor no matter how hard you try, pray or will it to? I am a person who likes resolve. I need confirmation. Even if I know it’s done and over with it, I need to hear you say it. I need that closure. I find it very childish to leave a situation without closing it; it also reflects upon what type of person you are.


imageskijhI was once told forgiveness isn’t for them it’s for you. Think of a relationship that had no resolve from it, now think if that person died right now, would you be happy with how the situation ended? Or was there more you could have done, but let your pride get in the way? Pride is a killer. People don’t like to put their pride aside because they think it’s a sign of weakness. Strength comes from being weak. Being vulnerable, open, and exposed shows a great deal of strength. Knowing when you are wrong and being strong enough to admit it is not weakness, it’s right. Besides would you be ok if someone treated you that way?

If you can make something right, simply (Wo)man up and do what needs to be done. If it works out, it works out, if it doesn’t at least you know you tried. Nothing ever came from not putting forth any effort.

I Know What He Likes

So I was interested to know what men are attracted to, what things stand out the most. For me, most of my blogs are lately I have been written from my point of view, with some input from my circle of friends. This time I wanted to get my males opinion. I asked them series of questions and gathered a good idea of what the typical established male is looking for.

What feature they found attractive to the opposite sex?
dsfghjkNow I’m not going to lie, I thought I would get the typical answers like she gotta have a fat ass, big titties, small waist etc., but oh I was reassured that there is hope for us grown females that are still searching for that grown man! The top answers I got were that men want someone who carries themselves well. Size really didn’t matter to them as long as you could carry yourself well with that size, clothes that fit be put together. My favorite answer was realness. In a world where everything is becoming so fake some men still value realness. I’m not talking the personality trait, but rather the hair and nails. The other answers I got were approachable down to earth and nice teeth.

Next I asked if they prefer a specific race?
vghjkNow I did this for a couple reasons. I as a dark skinned African American woman seem to sometimes get over looked if I’m standing next to someone of light color. I have always had friends that are of the yellow bone complexion and although I didn’t find a couple of them more attractive than me – TIMEOUT- let’s not sit here and pretend that we don’t compare ourselves to the next chick even our friends. We don’t like our friend cause they’re extra fine it’s their personality, but you can bet your bottom dollar if you had to go up against her in looks you knew if you would fail or win in that category SOMEBODY gotta be the ugly friend,-TIME IN- but they always seemed to win even with jacked up teeth! So imagine my shock when I asked the question and got… NO SPECIFIC TYPE. Wait what?!?! Now maybe this has to do with the grown man putting away his childish ways, because lets be real to only date a certain type of skin color and not give other women a chance is very childish, because to love a person has nothing to do with their skin color- if only America could learn that-
imagesasdfgNow being the single woman that I am, I asked if there were any tips or advice they had on getting chose., for a relationship/wife. And by far the best answer I got I have to share verbatim “A woman shouldn’t wasn’t to be chose, she should was to be cherished. Being chose is like saying you are being selected off a shelf with others which in turns devalues woman’s worth.” Now I completely agree with this answer. We as women should demand to be cherished. However, for us single ones you often wonder is there something I’m doing wrong that I could do different to change my outcome? Another answer that I liked was “Men will treat you how you come off as you want to be treated”. In oher words, post a thirsty picture, you know the one half naked, showing that ass off, and a dog will surely pant in heat. The best way to be on your way to a relationship is to be yourself and to be open. It’s as simple as that.

imagesweNow ladies listen up, because this may help you change your ways! More than anything males hate an attention whore. That was my number one answer to turn offs. Don’t be that female in the club loud as hell for no reason; no one likes that female, she just good for entertainment. You heard it here first. Secondly, being closed- minded, gossipy, lack of confidence and argumentative. Let’s be honest, I can’t be around anybody with these traits, energy level is so negative it has to be hard to have to come home to someone like that.

Lastly I asked what were personality traits that were turn ons, and turn offs. I found that what it boils down to his someone who shares the same interest they have. I think this goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway, if you don’t share the same interest but forth some effort to. If that fails lord help you! Pick up the slack in other areas like having good convo, fashionable, goal oriented etc.

I learned a lot just from these simple questions, Did you?
I would like to give a HUGE thank you to the men that participated in this blog it absolutely means the world to me to have your support! To my ladies, if you get nothing else out of this blog, take this away; be you! He who is for you will accept you as you are even your weird little corks that you think no one finds interesting. Be open and always be independent, in the sense that you have some business about yourself, and remember the bible says he who FINDS a wife FINDS a good thing. Men are the hunters for a reason, don’t be desperate boo it’ll happen on Gods time. In the meantime, stay you and be beautiful!

You’re Turning Me Off…

First i had a very major minor set back, i lost my thumb drive with all my work on it, which caused a delay in my blogs, for that I’m sorry. However, I’m back and its back to your regularly schedule program!….

Following the last post, naturally everything that is the opposite of what attracts me will turn me off. Like stated before, I can get passed some of those only IF what follows doesn’t completely turn me off. Now here’s where I can begin to get real picky. Yes, I tend to get quickly turnt off once I truly get to know a person, but that is what getting to know a person is for, to see if you truly get along? Well that’s a post soon to follow, here’s what can get you a quick dismissed without even making an attempt to get to know you..
pictures_of_the_day_6Weak game.
Now fellas, listen up cause I just may help you bag that chick you’ve been eyeing for far too long. Your game has to match the female! A confident female, who appears to have everything going for herslf, is not going to go for that middle school approach! You guys gotta drop the clichés and just be yourself with it. Drop the “game” approach and just come to her as you are. Confident girls can spot phoniness a mile away. Now notice I said confident female, you can get away with a weak game with an insecure female, sad but true.

Being stingy.imagesnb

Now I may just contradict myself here, however if you are in a club/lounge/bar setting send that girl a drink! Yes I know its cliché but females like the attention. Now I know most males hate doing this because they feel as if they have paid for this drink and the female may reject them, which may be true. If you have engaged this female in conversation a good way to keep her attention is to buy her a drink. Its also very refreshing to the female. I’ll give you guys a great example. Me and a friend of mine were out shopping and decided to grab a bite to eat. While the place was packed we decided to sit at the bar. Some nice looking gentlemen decided to sit beside us and being friendly we all began talking. About 10 mins. Into the convo, the two men brought both me and my friend a drink. This caught my attention for a couple of reasons. 1. Being that I was half in the convo because I could barely hear them it said to me “hey I see you too” 2.it completely caught me by surprised. We weren’t 2 females that were sitting there waiting for males’ attention (we not that type, NEVER BEEN) So it was nice to get a gesture that we were not expecting. Yes fellas that’s right, not all females expect for you to do something for them!

That one male you are trying your hardest to let down gently because you are really a nice person, but they don’t get the hint and then the bitch is about 2.5 seconds from coming out. If I tell you I have a man and you hit me with the “can’t we just be friends” Absolutely……NOT! If I have already told you no and your trying your hardest to play how many different ways can she say no before she says yes, the answer is im not! Nobody likes that game and certainly not finna play it. Take the hint and kindly find a female willing to give you that yes. Its as simple as that.8570995795ae2d04a35b3af2c8a14879

That’s all I got for this one until next time don’t stay thirsty stay yourself!

What Attracts You

What attracts you to the opposite-or same if you’re into that kind of thing-sex? For me it’s a couple of things that catch my eye when I first meet a guy. Just the same they’re a couple things that can quickly turn me off. I’m very selective and I’m slightly picky but my standards are what some may consider high. –Mostly to those that can’t meet them- now I won’t completely dismiss you if you don’t meet all of my standards but you have to be seriously pulling weight in other areas for me to forgive the areas you don’t meet. Without words spoken, what initially attracts you?

Let’s set the scene.
You’re at a laid back type of lounge, sipping your drink with your girls or the fellas and you look up at the table across from yours filled with a group of guys/girls, what is the first thing you notice about the “attractive” one?
For me, I imagessanotice the smile and the eyes. I have always been a sucker for a charming smile. Straight white teeth swoons among the list of things I look at that is the top of the list. If you’re a person that doesn’t smile a lot, I assume you don’t know how to let loose. I like a man that’s full of life. A man that likes to laugh and joke, but not take it too far – it can go from real funny to I will cut you real swift like! It’s all good till it isn’t right?- a smile can tell me that, if I look at you and you smile your polite, if your always smiling/laughing you enjoy having a good time, you probably have a good energy about you. Now when it comes to your eyes, I’m looking for eye contact when your talking to me. Plus your eyes can be a dead give away to wait your really looking for.. and at

Next, my eyes go directly to the shoes. Let’s be real, if you don’t own at least ONE pair of decent going out shoes, what are you doing with your life? This is an essential that can be used over and over, an investment! The shoes a person wears can tell a story about them, make sure it’s the right one. Now I’m not saying they have to be the hottest latest shoes on the block, but some nice quality can go a long way.

Next I travel to the build of a man. The way his clothes fit him, if he looks fit or how muscular he is. Now I can be a bit of a hypocrite in thistrey-songz-shirtless-in-cancun area. I’ve always heard a man is a reflection of yourself. Now I’m not the fittest woman. There are some areas I need to work on – I’ll be honest- I’m not a gym junkie but I don’t completely neglect it either. However, I like my man to look fit. A person that looks like they take care of themselves, is probably more upbeat, has their stuff together, and is more ambitious or focused. I go for more of an athletic build. Trey Songz, Michael B. Jordon – both have already been established as bae in previous post- a basketball players build. Defines, toned arms, six pack-honestly I think that goes without saying- a defined back, toned shoulder and the pecks to match are all lovely features. I think working out says a lot about a person mentally and is good for overall health. There’s really no excuse not to workout 30 mins. out your day and it can be completely free. I also want to know if the zombie eclipse should come I have a standing chance with you –lol-

Finally, I look at the way you carry yourself. Now this above all else has to be in place. Are you nails clean, are your lips chapped, are you well dressed, do you smell good, is your hair cut?, are you ashy?-lol- seriously though small things I noticed wayyy faster than the big things, odd I know. I personally don’t know any woman/man that would want/be attracted to a man/woman that were lacking in this area. Especially, if you knowingly go out looking a mess. To me that says either you really didn’t want to go out or you are seriously lacking some home training, and I don’t want to even think about what your place looks like eeeeekk. Even if you are struggling financially these are simple inexpensive, things you could do on your own to improve your chances.

david-beckham--zNow for me, these are just the things I quickly check out, while looking through a crowd or see gentlemen sitting at a table. It gets way deeper once a man opens his mouth and I’ll get into that on the next blog. Until then, I’d like to know what attracts you?