You’re Turning Me Off…

First i had a very major minor set back, i lost my thumb drive with all my work on it, which caused a delay in my blogs, for that I’m sorry. However, I’m back and its back to your regularly schedule program!….

Following the last post, naturally everything that is the opposite of what attracts me will turn me off. Like stated before, I can get passed some of those only IF what follows doesn’t completely turn me off. Now here’s where I can begin to get real picky. Yes, I tend to get quickly turnt off once I truly get to know a person, but that is what getting to know a person is for, to see if you truly get along? Well that’s a post soon to follow, here’s what can get you a quick dismissed without even making an attempt to get to know you..
pictures_of_the_day_6Weak game.
Now fellas, listen up cause I just may help you bag that chick you’ve been eyeing for far too long. Your game has to match the female! A confident female, who appears to have everything going for herslf, is not going to go for that middle school approach! You guys gotta drop the clichés and just be yourself with it. Drop the “game” approach and just come to her as you are. Confident girls can spot phoniness a mile away. Now notice I said confident female, you can get away with a weak game with an insecure female, sad but true.

Being stingy.imagesnb

Now I may just contradict myself here, however if you are in a club/lounge/bar setting send that girl a drink! Yes I know its cliché but females like the attention. Now I know most males hate doing this because they feel as if they have paid for this drink and the female may reject them, which may be true. If you have engaged this female in conversation a good way to keep her attention is to buy her a drink. Its also very refreshing to the female. I’ll give you guys a great example. Me and a friend of mine were out shopping and decided to grab a bite to eat. While the place was packed we decided to sit at the bar. Some nice looking gentlemen decided to sit beside us and being friendly we all began talking. About 10 mins. Into the convo, the two men brought both me and my friend a drink. This caught my attention for a couple of reasons. 1. Being that I was half in the convo because I could barely hear them it said to me “hey I see you too” completely caught me by surprised. We weren’t 2 females that were sitting there waiting for males’ attention (we not that type, NEVER BEEN) So it was nice to get a gesture that we were not expecting. Yes fellas that’s right, not all females expect for you to do something for them!

That one male you are trying your hardest to let down gently because you are really a nice person, but they don’t get the hint and then the bitch is about 2.5 seconds from coming out. If I tell you I have a man and you hit me with the “can’t we just be friends” Absolutely……NOT! If I have already told you no and your trying your hardest to play how many different ways can she say no before she says yes, the answer is im not! Nobody likes that game and certainly not finna play it. Take the hint and kindly find a female willing to give you that yes. Its as simple as that.8570995795ae2d04a35b3af2c8a14879

That’s all I got for this one until next time don’t stay thirsty stay yourself!

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