What’s Stopping You?

8-1-1One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone continually talks about something that they want to do, and never puts any actions into it. They could have the most amazing idea, but you’ll never know it because they don’t get the idea into actions. As my grandmother would say, “either shit or get off the pot”.

thomas-edison-quotes-on-failure-11A coworker told me a story about Thomas Edison and how when he was little his teacher sent him home with a note and told him not to open it to give it directly to his mother. Once his mother got the note she began to read it and cry. Edison asked his mother what the note said, and she told him that it said he was a genius and that they weren’t equipped to teach him. Years later after Edison had gone on to invent life-changing things, his mother passed. While going through her stuff, he found the note from his teacher and read it. The note actually read that he was retarded and that the school wasn’t equipped to teach him. This story, holds the saying true you are what you believe you are, or what you’re told you are. Thinking and perception is a huge influencer. If you think it long enough you will begin to believe it.

vYO8SocMoreover, one of my favorite inspirational speeches is by Jim Carrey. He spoke at a college graduation talking about following your dreams. –Jim Carrey & Morgan Freeman have unbelievable stories about success by the way, if you’re feeling like you’re never going to make it google them and read their bio extremely inspiring- In his speech, he talked about how his father wanted to be a comedian, but was to afraid he was going to fail and went with what he thought was a sure thing and became an accountant. His father later got fired as an accountant the family landed on hard times. Carrey said that this taught him you might as well do what you love because even you can fail at the sure thing. Until I heard that speech, I never looked at it like that, quite frankly I don’t think anybody does.
97ae11eae5153a76a2f4e2172997bd97The book I’m reading right now -and highly recommend- is Joel Osteen “You Can You Will”. In the book, he talks about how many people give up on their dreams because they lose sight of what it is they are reaching for. Osteen states that you must keep something in your eyesight that will remind you to focus and remind you of what you’re working toward. So, if you want a new house, keep a key on your ring chain or a picture of your dream house on your desk. Set something out to keep your eye on the prize.
More important than anything, you have to believe in yourself! I usually don’t believe people when they say they have no idea what they want to do in life. I believe that they are scared to do it! Now if your not totally sure right some stuff down that you enjoy and cross it off until you figure it out. Thinking about it can only take you so far, you have to put in some action and set it into motion!!

p.s. i have a super special announcement coming soon! I’m so excited to tell you guys, but you have to stay tuned, so don’t forget to subscribe-like-share and comment!


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