Love and your Best Friend

Doefriendzones anyone remember the mtv show about the friend that was in love with their best friend and mtv helped them confess their love? I think that’s 99% of us out here. I think it’s a natural thing to be in love with your best friend. It’s someone you confide in, they practically know everything about you and you spend a great amount of time with them. Sounds a whole lot like what a relationship should be doesn’t it? Now lets be clear I’m talking about friends of different sexes, but hey if you float the other way I guess that can apply here too.

Are you actually in love with your best friend or do you love them because they are the closest thing you got to a relationship? That’s a heavy question. It’s a question that can often get blurred. I believe to be in love with someone is forever. You are giving them a piece of yourself that you are saying its ok if you don’t give this back. T
o love someone is the most unselfish thing you can do. You are loving them and not looking for something in return. At least that’s how I interpret love.

I can’t make a decision to save my life. And when I know my decision, I struggle with “Is

this the choice I shotumblr_mv0cwly6E81qk08n1o3_500uld be making?”. I try to find every way possible to rebute the decision, the hard ones anyway. So when the question came about loving my best friend, I fought and shunned and made every excuse in the book. Because saying it out loud made it real, right? Then comes the good old cross road, do I want to potentially mess up this friendship if a relationship with them doesn’t workout. There’s only one real answer to that; you wont know until you try. WHHHHATTTTTT??? You mean I actually have
to test this thing out before I can know for sure?? Unfortunately. When posed with this question my indecisiveness kicked in overdrive. You can imagine the many different scenarios one can come up with in their head.

Now lets be clear, there are certain things that have to transpire in order for you to develop these feelings. the Tug-a-war was real! And more than a friendship did begin to develop at one point in time. Of Course I’m not going to go into details, cause thats none of the worlds business. However, the ball was placed in both parties court.

I decided to be quiet and push my feelings aside. I’m the type of person who believes if it’s meant to be it will find its way of working out naturally.

imagesm Although it hurt very very very much to see him move on with someone else and watch our friendship drift into oblivion (you know once people get into serious relationships they tend to forget about the single people and their friends in the world, all that exist is their little bubble with their kids and their careers and other married couples, because single people certainl
y cant possibly know about that life, or help you out, or hang around with you because we just don’t get it… I’m not mad though achem) I had to be at peace with the decision I made. And it took a while. Especially when
they’re with someone you don’t necessarily approve of, but it’s not your life to have an opinion over. And to see the person happy above everything else should be your number one goal.


he_loves_me__he_loves_me_not__by_bigcitydreams__x3Now I know many of you ware wondering, how in he heck did that work out? Simply put it wasn’t meant to be. Theres one thing that i have learned in life and its that there are forces we simply can not control. I read the book The Alchemist, and that man got side tracked so many times but when it came down to what he rely wanted at heart nothing stood in his way. *Spoiler Alert. My favorite part of the book was when he met a girl whom he fell in love with very much. he was willing to give up his journey to stay with her, But she being a woman of the desert knew he would always question and regret not following through with his journey and so she says to him you must go if you love me you will come back, and i will be here, but if he did not return then it was not love. this also mirrors the saying ” If you love someone you’ve got to let them go, and they come back it means so much more, but if they never come at least you will know that it was something you had to hold on to grow.”

And so I’ve grown. and i have faith that the right person will reveal themselves at the right time. because God’s plan never fails, and nothing anybody can do to stop it.
photo thehills_lauren

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