Forgive Them and Forget Them

blogger-image--404845866Going into 2016, I felt as though there were certain things, friendships, and situations that I needed to leave in 2015. I purged. I purged friendships that no longer served a purpose. I purged people that no longer had the same mind set has me and I severed ties to anything that weren’t for me or serving a purpose to me.

That’s what you do right? So you can walk into a new year lighter and ready to be filled with new things. I suffered a lot in 2015, but I learned the most. I grew because of all that I have suffered. Don’t get me wrong I’m a work in progress every day. I still want to pull out petty patty and lash out when I’ve been done wrong or felt like I’ve been put in a position I didn’t ask to be in, but I’ve learned it not for them; it’s for me.
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It’s not for them, it’s for ME. That’s a huge lesson I’m still learning. I’m learning to be selfish with me. I’m learning to forgive for me. I’m learning to let go for me. Learning to let go seemed to be my lesson for 2015. I don’t think I quite understood it till the end. You guys know I like closure. I NEED closure for me. I also do not like to let go of things I really care about. I’ll fight tooth and nail to hold on to them, but something’s and people need to be let go. No t for them, but for you. They may be blocking a blessing that you need to receive. They may be occupying a space that God has someone else to fill. It’s hard to let go, but you need to let go for you.

“Forgiveness is not defeat. It’s simply forfeiting a worthless war.”

After that purge of the spirit, I like to call it, I felt ready. I’m ready to receive and achieve. My spirit is open to things I’ve been dreaming about for years. I feel like I’m finally in the position to take what should have been mine a lonnnnnngggggg time ago. (it could’ve been mine but I was playing!) Play time is over though and now it’s time to WORK! Are you ready?!blogger-image--29388611

PSSSSSTTTTTT…….something special is about to happen……hmmmmm

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