image When I write my blogs I speak my truth. At the end of it all we just want to be in our truth and accepted. The problem with this concept is not every one will accept or understand your truth. I can only speak on my experiences and what I’ve learned from them and hope that someone reads them and sees a different perspective or knows that someone out there went through the same thing and they are not alone. I never write to be malicious or petty, if that’s what you take away from my blog, then the problem is the reader- sorry to be so blunt-.

When you read my blogs, I want you to open your mind. Not everything is black, not everything is white; it’s a contrast of shades in-between. I wan
t to strike a positive conversation. With social media being as popular as it is and people giving their negative opinions, I want a place where we can have a positive conversation. Spark inspiration, not negativity.

tumblr_miwal6Pjoy1qfpilno1_500I say this because before, I got my toes wet to see what the response would be. Some people took it wayyyy to serious. Others gave me positive feedback. I got a little discouraged just from the sensitive people’s feedback I got, but it goes back to I’m not doing this for you. This is for me. This is the space I come to, to sip my tea and live my truth. This is the space that I come to, to let it all out. This is the space I come to, to share my life experiences. And during all that, in the process I’m hoping you laugh, you cry, you sympathize, you learn, you get your life and sip your tea. Not everybody is going to do that, I understand. People who know the specific experience may feel like I’m talking to them or about them and take it personally –don’t flatter yourself boo boo simmer down, this is not about you!

Going forward it’s going to get a lot more personal. I’ve withheld talking about a lot simply because I wasn’t doing it for me. So I hope you guys are ready for this wonderful ride we are about to take in this New Year!

blogger-image-186315003P.s- I will now be uploading videos every Friday following the blog that goes live on Mondays be sure to check them out!

Here’s the link to the latest video
Tips and Tricks for Accomplishing Your Goals

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