Are You Over It?

There’s nothing worse-ok wait there’s a few things worse it can always be worse BUT- a huge pet peeve of mine are people who do not take care of their responsibility! As an adult that is a core principle. That is what being an adult is all about, taking care of responsibility! Now, it’s one thing to be struggling, but when you just flat out IGNORE it that is when I take issue. I say this to give a little insight into the real topic for this blog: Are You Over It?

Have you ever gone through a situation that you knew couldn’t be resolved , or you knew you weren’t going to get closure, or it wasn’t going to work in your favor so you had to let it go and give it to God- or whomever you believe in? Or so you thought yo
u gave it to God, but then when you see the person or the situation presents itself again you find yourself mad all over again? Let’s hit you with an example: let’s say you loaned someone some money and they haven’t paid you back, but give you valid reasons why they can’t pay. So you tell yourseIf to just let it go if they pay they pay, if they don’t they don’t but then you see them out spending money and suddenly you get mad all over again Cues BBHMM- Rhianna

b2206d7cb0954b9d38862d46ba6f5170Or you had an argument with a friend and instead of trying to make it right you just refused to talk to them?
That fact that you get upset shows that you’re clearly not over the situation. So how do you get over a situation that is out of your control that you KNOW is never going to work in your favor no matter how hard you try, pray or will it to? I am a person who likes resolve. I need confirmation. Even if I know it’s done and over with it, I need to hear you say it. I need that closure. I find it very childish to leave a situation without closing it; it also reflects upon what type of person you are.


imageskijhI was once told forgiveness isn’t for them it’s for you. Think of a relationship that had no resolve from it, now think if that person died right now, would you be happy with how the situation ended? Or was there more you could have done, but let your pride get in the way? Pride is a killer. People don’t like to put their pride aside because they think it’s a sign of weakness. Strength comes from being weak. Being vulnerable, open, and exposed shows a great deal of strength. Knowing when you are wrong and being strong enough to admit it is not weakness, it’s right. Besides would you be ok if someone treated you that way?

If you can make something right, simply (Wo)man up and do what needs to be done. If it works out, it works out, if it doesn’t at least you know you tried. Nothing ever came from not putting forth any effort.

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One thought on “Are You Over It?

  1. […] just like the person he used to be, why? Because I didn’t take responsibility for my own healing. Savvy? It’s not my fault that people abandon me the way they do for whatever reason they choose to do […]


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